Michael J. Fox once said, “Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” At CFCG, we know just what he means. Every family has its own history and unique experiences that contribute to a family’s story.  Charitable giving is a great way to pass family values onto future generations, and the Community Foundation can help.

Many families look to leave a philanthropic legacy by building a tradition of giving. Family philanthropy also creates opportunities to strengthen the bonds between family members. Giving together allows a family to work collectively around shared values while providing an opportunity to understand and appreciate each other’s passions and vision for a better future. In a way it cultivates an atmosphere of generosity and kindness where the goals of the group surpass the needs of the individual members.

With all the benefits of family philanthropy, it does take some careful attention and work. That’s where CFCG comes in. When we work with families, our goals are to support families in developing charitable giving strategies that align with their family values and help build consensus around the plan so families can create a powerful philanthropic legacy.

Our team has specialized training in family philanthropy and can bring your family together across multiple generations to make a meaningful impact on the causes important to you now and for future generations. Whether you are looking to bring the family closer together, pass on philanthropic values and the spirit of giving to the next generation, leave a legacy in the community, make a difference on issues of importance to family members or something else, we can help you define and discover your philanthropic vision and experience the joy of sharing with your family the delight of successfully helping others.

If you are interested in learning more about aligning your family’s goals and shared dreams with philanthropic giving, give us a call at 478-750-9338.



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