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CFCG partners with attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, bankers, and insurance agents to help you look out for your clients’ best interests. We want to be your philanthropic resource as you help your clients handle the challenges of growing personal wealth and the desire to make a long-term difference. Please call us if you have questions about charitable giving or if you want to know if a fund at CFCG would be a fit for your client. 

How does CFCG work with professional advisors?

As a local professional advisor, we know that you want to help your clients fulfill their charitable wishes, meet their financial planning goals, and enjoy the maximum tax advantages. As experts in philanthropy with in-depth knowledge of community needs, the Community Foundation of Central Georgia will support you and your clients in the giving process while you remain involved in your client relationships.

If you have a client that might be interested in a fund at the Community Foundation, we can provide you with information for you to share with your client about which assets to give, tax deductions for various gifts, and which fund type would be best to help them accomplish their philanthropic goals. We can prepare individualized charitable gift scenarios for more complex philanthropic plans. To request information on charitable gifts and funds at CFCG, please call the Foundation at 478-750-9338 or email Julia Wood.

Is a Fund at CFCG right for my client?

One of the biggest misconceptions about philanthropy is that your client has to be wealthy to be philanthropic. Your client might be an ideal candidate for a fund at the Community Foundation if they regularly give to charitable causes or nonprofit organizations or are looking for a way to leave a personal legacy. From the client who wants to make an immediate philanthropic impact, to the couple hoping to leave a legacy, to the family with a complicated tax situation, our team of professionals can support your efforts to find the best solution for your clients. For most fund types, there is no minimum fund size at the Community Foundation of Central Georgia. To find out if a fund at CFCG is right for your client, click here to compare a fund at the Community Foundation to a Private Foundation.

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Which assets make the best charitable gifts?

As their professional advisor, you know your client’s financial situation better than anyone else. The Community Foundation can accept a wide variety of assets as charitable gifts, including cash, bequests, appreciated securities, retirement assets, life insurance, real estate, LLP and LLC shares, and other unusual assets. CFCG can also serve as trustee of a charitable remainder trust or charitable lead trust if one of the beneficiaries of the trust is a fund at CFCG. Please call CFCG if you would like to discuss a client’s specific situation.

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How does CFCG work with Private Foundations?

If your client already has a private foundation, there are two ways that they can work with the Community Foundation.

First, they can open a donor advised fund that will serve as a companion to their private foundation for flexibility in the timing of grants, anonymity, enhanced tax benefits, access to local expertise, honoring trustees, or supporting a nonprofit.

Companion Funds For Private Foundations

Second, if managing their private foundation is too cumbersome, they can choose to convert their private foundation into a fund at the Community Foundation.

Converting a Private Foundation into a Fund

What fees does CFCG charge for a Fund?

The fees for most funds are an annual administrative fee on a tiered schedule, starting at 1% and decreasing as the size of the fund increases, plus actual investment management fees.

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Firm Presentations and Public Speaking

The Community Foundation’s professional staff is available to speak to professional firms and civic groups on topics related to philanthropy, charitable planning, community development, and family philanthropy topics. Need a speaker?  Ask us!

Have a Question?

Do you have a question about whether a fund is right for your client? Please contact Julia Wood at or 478-750-9338 if you have any additional questions.

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