For Nonprofits

You have a great idea, but where do you start?

You have a great idea for your nonprofit or community, but you are wondering if your project is eligible for funding from the Community Foundation of Central Georgia. Every grant program at the Community Foundation is as unique as the donor who established it!  Be sure to read all the grant guidelines for each program to see if it is a fit for your project before you start an application!  For more information on the eligibility criteria for each of the grant programs, click on the button below.

Grants for Nonprofits

Need to start or continue working on a grant application?

If you are ready to start a grant application or you need to complete and submit one that you have already started, please login to our Web Portal.

Web Portal

Need to submit a grant final report?

If you’ve already received a grant from the Community Foundation and you have finished your project, it’s time to submit a final report for your grant. Don’t forget that you are not eligible to apply for any other grants from the Community Foundation until you have submitted final reports for all of your grants.  Go to the page of the grant program from which your organization received a grant, and scroll to the Reporting Requirements to find the final report form or instructions for a final letter.

Grant Programs

Looking for additional resources for your nonprofit?

We know nonprofits are always looking for additional resources to help with fundraising, governance and operations. Our Nonprofit Resources page lists several websites that we often recommend when nonprofits have questions.

Nonprofit Resources
Donate To A Fund