Plan Your Year-End Giving

Year-end is a busy time of year when many donors are consulting with their professional advisers about tax and charitable gift planning.  The Community Foundation of Central Georgia is here to help whether you are contemplating creating a new fund, adding to your existing fund, or advising your clients about charitable giving.  The Foundation is dedicated to helping its donors with their personal philanthropy.  

As you and your family think about your end of year giving, we are here to help. We welcome the opportunity to help you and our many fund holders achieve even more great things in 2020.  Until then, we wish you a joy-filled season and much good health, happiness, and peace. If you have specific questions, please call the Foundation at 478-750-9338.

Add to Your Fund at CFCG

Already have a fund with the Community Foundation?

Now is a great time to add to your fund at the Foundation and our team is here to help. When you contribute to your charitable fund, you aren’t just giving money—you’re making a difference in our community.

Contributions to your fund that are received by year end will allow you to take a tax deduction in this calendar year.

Add to Your Fund:

  • Checks must be postmarked by December 31st in order to claim a tax deduction in the 2019 calendar year.  Make your check payable to “CFCG” and indicate your fund name on the memo line.  Mail your check to Community Foundation of Central Georgia at 577 Mulberry Street, Suite 1600 Macon, GA 31201.
  • Publicly traded stock and other marketable securities make some of the best charitable gifts. You are able to take a tax deduction on the current market value of your gift and avoid the capital gains tax you would pay if you sold the stock.  To make a gift of stock, mutual funds and other assets, please contact the Community Foundation for stock transfer instructions at (478) 750-9338.
  • Donors who are 70 1/2  years and older can make a charitable gift from their IRA of up to $100,000 per year directly to charitable organizations without treating the distributions as taxable income.  These gifts can be used to meet the donor’s required minimum distribution (RMD). Although the IRS prohibits IRA gifts to a donor advised fund during the donor’s life, these gifts may support scholarship, endowment, field of interest, designated or unrestricted funds.
    • To make an IRA Charitable Gift during life, contact your IRA plan administrator to transfer the desired amount to CFCG (EIN #58-2053465).  Then, call Julia Wood at the Community Foundation of Central Georgia at (478) 750-9338 to indicate to which fund you would like your gift attributed.
    • To make a charitable gift from your IRA to your donor advised fund at CFCG at your death, simply update your IRA beneficiary form to name a fund at CFCG as a charitable beneficiary.

If you have questions about your fund, your funds available for grantmaking or your statement, please contact Julia Wood at or call at 478-750-9338.

Start a Fund at CFCG

Interested in starting a charitable fund at the Community Foundation?

Year end is a great time to start a fund at the Community Foundation of Central Georgia. A donor advised fund at the Community Foundation will help you streamline and simplify your charitable giving.

Give Now, Decide Later
If you create a Donor Advised Fund, you will receive a charitable tax deduction in the year you make contributions to your fund at CFCG, and you can recommend grants from your fund in future years.  This adds flexibility if you need a tax-deduction but are not yet sure which organizations you want to support.

With higher standard deductions for taxes, some donors are opting to “bunch” or pre-fund their charitable giving in order to continue giving at the same levels annually. This means donating two- or three-years’ worth of giving at one time, claiming the charitable deduction that year, and then waiting that period of time to donate again while claiming the standard deduction. A donor advised fund gives you the option to bunch the donations into your fund the first year, and then continue to support your favorite causes every year by recommending grants from your fund annually.

Opening a fund is easy.  Call Julia Wood at 478-750-9338 today to learn which fund type is the best fit for your charitable goals.

Make Grants to Your Favorite Nonprofits

2019 Grant Request Deadline:
December 26th at 2:00pm

This is also the time of year that many fund holders are making end-of-year grant distributions to their favorite nonprofit organizations. Login to CFCG’s Web Portal to submit an online grant recommendation. Please try to make your grant recommendations as soon as possible to ensure their arrival to nonprofits by December 31st. If you would like a nonprofit to receive a grant from your fund before the end of calendar year 2019, please recommend it by 2:00pm on Thursday, December 26, 2019.

For grant questions, please contact

2019 Contribution Deadlines

2019 Contribution Deadlines

  • Year-end contributions must be postmarked by Tuesday, December 31st.
  • Credit card gifts must be made by midnight on Tuesday, December 31st.
  • Real estate and partnership assets must have a title transferred/assigned by Friday, December 27th.
  • Gifts of stock must reach CFCG’s account by December 31st for a 2019 gift.

Contact Julia Wood at (750) 750-9338 / to make gifts of stock.

CFCG 2019 Holiday Schedule

Tuesday, December 24 – closed
Wednesday, December 25 – closed
Wednesday, January 1 – closed

All other days we will be available to serve you during regular business hours 8:30 – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

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