For so many high school students, going to college is the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. Students and their parents work hard toward realizing this goal, and when the acceptance letter comes, it is cause for celebration that this path towards their future is becoming even clearer. All the research papers, presentations, tests, volunteering and mentoring, SAT tests and teacher conferences–they all lead to this moment where a student has the opportunity to imagine what their life will be like in the halls of higher education. The only thing that may dampen that celebratory spirit is the thought that this dream may not become a reality because sometimes the hurdle isn’t getting into college–it’s how to afford it. But thanks to generous donors wishing to make a direct impact on the lives of students in our region, CFCG is working to help change that.  

Donors at the Community Foundation of Central Georgia believe in helping ensure that deserving local students have a little help paying for their college dreams, because empowered kids can become adults who return to their communities to empower others. With nearly 40 scholarship funds established already at CFCG, we are able to offer area high school seniors a bigger chance at achieving their educational goals. For academic year 2021-2022, 176 students received scholarships for college thanks to the generosity of our donors. You can read more about some of CFCG’s scholars at

You too can be part of these stories by establishing a scholarship fund at CFCG. One of the best ways for people to continue to improve their lives and make positive contributions to their community is through earning a college degree.  Donors create scholarship funds at a Community Foundation when they want to support local students and give the students the flexibility of attending the college of their choice. By creating your own scholarship fund at CFCG, you could have an impact on the future of our community since post-secondary degrees play a huge role in the quality of the local workforce. CFCG could help you establish a fund tailored to your personal charitable goals and educational values, where you would have the freedom to choose eligibility and selection criteria for the established fund and can even designate a scholarship geared a specific field of study, academic achievement, sports or extracurricular activities, financial need, or a specific high school or college. And if you choose, you may be involved in the recipient selection process. 

While college may only be a handful of years in a student’s life, the far-reaching positive impact of a post-secondary education helps all our communities grow stronger. Click here to find out more about setting up a scholarship fund with CFCG.


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