Macon Violence Prevention Grant Recipient Toolkit

Congratulations on your grant from the Macon Violence Prevention Grant Program at the Community Foundation of Central Georgia! We have developed this resource guide as a way to help you successfully manage your grant.  Please be sure to review these resources and feel free to return to this page as needed.

About Macon Violence Prevention

The Community Foundation of Central Georgia in partnership with Macon-Bibb County established this grant program to support local charitable organizations [501(c)(3) public charities and faith-based organizations] in their efforts to reduce violent crime in our community. The Macon Violence Prevention Grant Program aligns with the County’s Macon Violence Prevention Strategic Plan to support organizations in their work to reduce and ultimately prevent violent crimes.

Addressing our public safety crisis is the top priority for Macon-Bibb County. By creating a safer community, MVP will make Macon-Bibb a destination of choice for visitors, new businesses/industries, and home for families for generations to come.

MVP seeks to engage all community stakeholders with the Mayor and local government to create a unified plan to address Macon-Bibb’s public safety crisis.

The MVP Plan will implement proven solutions that reduce violent crime and strengthen the community. MVP will heavily involve community members to establish consistent communication with law enforcement and a dense network of community-led programs.

Learn more about MVP at and follow Macon Violence Prevention on social media.

Marketing & Promoting Your Grant

The Community Foundation and Macon-Bibb County are interested in amplifying your great work.  By acceptance of this grant you agree to ensure that all references to this investment include either the Fund’s logo or “funded by the Macon Violence Prevention Fund at Community Foundation of Central Georgia”.  When using social media to promote this grant, be sure to tag Macon Violence Prevention and the Community Foundation of Central Georgia. You may reach out to Amy Morton ( or Chris Floore (  for additional guidance on promotion.

Contact us for any upcoming events or programs you have that are related to the Macon Violence Prevention program, and we’ll help you determine audience, messaging, timeline, and channels!

The BEST way to reach us typically text, so send us one that begins with your name, organization, that you’re an MVP organization, and what you have planned. (That helps since we don’t have all your numbers!)

Chris Floore – 478-335-3722

Edna Adams – 478-303-6048

Olivia Walter – 478-303-6060

From there, we’ll set up a call or meeting to make sure our community knows what you’re doing to help reduce violence in our neighborhoods and improve the future of our children.

Grant Reporting Requirements

The Community Foundation requires information regarding the impact of this grant.

Quarterly Updates

Quarterly Project Updates should be completed on the required form as emailed to all recipients.  These updates should reflect status on the metrics you are using to measure the success/impact of your digital communications, and the work you are doing to prevent crime, and how the grant supports that work.

Final Report

At the conclusion of your grant or by the specified due date in your award letter, a final report is due to the Community Foundation of Central Georgia. You can access the final report form here: (Will be created and updated here)

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