High Five

Deadline: October 15th at Noon


The Community Foundation’s vision is a Central Georgia where philanthropy thrives, communities are strong and citizens work toward common goals.  One way we hope to accomplish this vision is by engaging our community of donors to strengthen local nonprofits by offering opportunities for donors to support specific needs of local nonprofits.  We believe that through collaboration, even a small gift can make a big impact.  Our goal is to connect people who care with tangible needs in our region.


As a service to our donors and nonprofits, the Community Foundation of Central Georgia created High Five to share needs of nonprofit organizations with donors. We hope that nonprofits will request funding to support unique and tangible items beyond an organization’s operating budget.  CFCG will share these needs with our donors who can choose which projects they would like to fund. Donors will celebrate fulfilling requests for the extra things that will enhance the organization’s work.  Creative, compelling and innovative requests have the best chance of receiving support from Community Foundation donors.


Nonprofits must be a 501c3 to apply for this program and must be located and providing services within the Foundation’s 21-county service area are eligible to apply.


  • You can make up to three High Five requests per year for no more than $5,000 in aggregate, so make your requests are interesting and compelling. Think about how you can make it unique, which often starts from the selection of the request itself.  Donors are generally drawn to unusual requests or those that directly correspond to an organization’s mission.
  • In addition, the requested projects/items total cost should not exceed $5,000 so that a High Five grant could fill the need entirely for your organization.
  • Please keep in mind the timeliness of your funding request. Although the application process is happening now, your organization will not potentially receive funding for its request until the end of the year.  Do not request items that have already been purchased prior to application or will need to be purchased before the end of the year.


The maximum request amount is $5,000, and the total cost of the items should not exceed $5,000. However, we suggest that you ask only for what you need.  Smaller requests are more likely to be funded.  You may submit up to three high five requests as long as the total amount requested does not exceed $5,000.


This application program is offered once a year.

  • Online Orientation will be held in the fall.
  • Nonprofits must submit their request by the application deadline.
  • Approved requests will be published for CFCG donors in November.
  • Donors must recommend grants for requests through the end of the year.
  • Grants will be awarded to nonprofits for their requests if funded by CFCG donors by the end of the year.


First, you must apply for and receive a User ID and Password for our Web Portal.  Once your registration has been approved, you can log in to our web portal, and by hovering over “Grant Applicant” you will see “Available Grants”. Complete the online application for the High Five prior to the deadline.


Any High Five funding received is a grant from an individual fund of the Community Foundation, so the reporting requirements for this funding should feel like a personal thank you letter to an individual donor.

By March 1st, please send a letter of appreciation for your High Five funding to the Community Foundation of Central Georgia at 577 Mulberry Street, Suite 1600 Macon, GA 31201.  We will forward you letter to the individual donor(s).

  • In your letter of appreciation, please include a story of a person impacted to convey what effect the new item has had on the individuals you serve or how it has benefitted your mission.
  • Include a high resolution photo of the item in use or of your mission.
  • Include a copy of the receipt or invoice showing the purchase of the item.
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