Family philanthropy makes giving a family affair and is a wonderful way for families to pass down shared values and beliefs. It allows donors the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue as they work to align family values, goals and giving strategies to ensure their charitable efforts carry on for generations to come. CFCG’s trained staff help you start those family philanthropic conversations as you seek to foster charitable giving as a family value. We offer individualized consultation tailored to your unique needs and begin with understanding your goals and aspirations. From there, we will work with you and your family to develop an action plan and help you achieve it.  

Is Family Philanthropy Right for Me?

Family philanthropy is for any family wanting to create a family legacy by engaging current and future generations in giving. If you currently have an endowed donor advised fund at CFCG or have named your children and/or grandchildren as successor advisors of your fund, CFCG’s family philanthropy services could be especially helpful in instilling the spirit of philanthropy in future generations and helping to achieve your family’s charitable vision.      

What does family philanthropy look like?

The great thing about family philanthropy is that it is structured around those things that your family holds most dear. So, it looks like the values of your family in action–with charitable dollars geared towards organizations and projects doing the work that your family most believes in. It’s unique to every family, and that’s why CFCG is a good guide to understanding where to start, figuring out next steps and ensuring that your grant dollars are in line with your family’s wishes.

Why CFCG for family philanthropy?

When the team at CFCG works with families, our goals are to support donors in developing charitable giving strategies that align with their family values and help build consensus around the plan so families can create a powerful philanthropic legacy. Our team has received specialized training in family philanthropy and can help facilitate multi-generational conversations with you and your family to make a meaningful impact on the causes important to you now and for future generations. 

How do we get started?
Whether you are looking to bring the family closer together, pass on philanthropic values and the spirit of giving to the next generation, leave a legacy in the community, make a difference on issues of importance to family members or something else, we can help you define and discover your philanthropic vision and experience the joy of sharing with your family the delight of making your community stronger for the people who live there. Give us a call at 478-750-9338 to get started.


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