Nate Watson Fund

nate-watson-headshotThe Nate Watson Memorial Fund was established after Nate’s untimely death in May 2021 to raise awareness about the realities of individuals living with mental illness, including depression and anxiety, and ways to manage and achieve mental wellness.

The importance of the promotion of good mental health has been heightened in recent years as we are faced with increased stressors of daily life. For many, mental illness is a term loaded with negative connotations, misconceptions, and stigma, which is what makes events like Mental Health Month in May so important.

Nate was loved by his family and friends for his thoughtfulness, gentleness, easygoing manner, and infectious smile, and for his inquisitive nature that made him a great problem-solver. He was trustworthy, patient, and kind, a good listener with a ready wit and tender heart. He particularly enjoyed spending time with his fiancé and family, especially his nieces and nephew, and with his dogs, Miller and Hudson.

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