Lamar County Schools System Endowment Fund

The mission of the Lamar County Schools System is to work with the family and community to provide quality educational opportunities that inspire all learners to reach their potential. The Lamar County Schools System Endowment Fund will sustain and enhance the quality of education in the LCSS and provide assistance to the public school system including grants for classroom teachers, recognition, special events, and student support.

The fund to which you are making an online contribution will be charged a processing fee of 2.598% of the amount of your contribution plus $0.26 per transaction, which is the actual fee charged to CFCG by the processing vendor. This will not affect the amount of your tax deduction for this contribution. Your contribution will still be tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. If you do not want the fund to incur the fee, you may make your contribution by mailing a check to CFCG.