How To Apply

Starting an Application

Once you register and login to CFCG’s Web Portal, go to “Scholarship Applicant” and choose “Find Scholarships.”

  • If you have not been awarded a scholarship from CFCG in the past, choose “All Undergraduate Scholarship Applications” or one of the Graduate Scholarship Applications.
  • If you have received a renewable scholarship award in the past from CFCG, choose “Undergraduate Renewal Application”.

All of our undergraduate scholarships use the same application. If you are eligible for more than one undergraduate scholarship, you will have the opportunity to select the individual funds for which you would like to apply at the end of the application. Each individual fund will have one additional page of required questions or attachments. When you complete the additional page per scholarship, you will have submitted an application for each fund. Please note that you will be unable to edit the first part of your application (information related to applicant, family and parent, high school, post secondary, and short answer questions) after you click “Select Funds.”

Continuing an Application

To continue an application that you have already started, login to the Web Portal, go to “Scholarship Applicant,” and choose “My Saved Applications.” Click on the blue link of the scholarship application that you want to edit. Be sure to save your changes as you work on the application. After you select the funds, be sure to complete the addendum page for each scholarship.

Scholarship Forms and Other Required Attachments

You will be required to upload several documents to your scholarship application. We prefer that these documents be in Word or PDF format, if possible.

All scholarship applications require the following attachments:

  1. Your Resume — listing your school, work and community activities, including athletics, awards, offices held, and other relevant experience.
  2. Your Transcript — your most recent high school or college transcript from your current school. It does not have to be an official transcript.

Some scholarship applications require the following attachments. Please see the scholarship guidelines to determine if the scholarship you are applying for requires one or more of these. 

  1. Family Financial Information – if required, the applicant must submit the following:
    1. Your current FAFSA Student Aid Report that shows your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) value in the upper right hand corner. (To complete a FAFSA application, click here.)
  2. Letter(s) of Recommendation — If a letter of recommendation is required, you will enter the name and email address of the person who has agreed to write your letter of recommendation. Our system will send an auto-generated email to that person, prompting them to login to complete the letter of recommendation on your behalf.  We cannot accept a letter of recommendation outside of this system. To determine if your recommendation has been submitted, you can login to the Web Portal and go to References in the Scholarship Applicant section. If the reference has not been submitted, you can edit and resend the request email from this page. Please tell the person who has agreed to write your recommendation to be looking for an email from CFCG.

Have a Question about Scholarships?

Please contact Monique Pitts-Taylor at or 478-750-9338.

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