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Community Grant Program

Deadline: August 15th

If you are intending to apply for a grant from Lamar Gives 365, please go to and click "For Nonprofits."

Online Application: 

Eligibility: The Barnesville-Lamar Community Foundation's Community Grant Program requires that interested organizations submit applications by the summer deadline each year.  Grants will be made only to organizations for projects in Barnesville, Lamar County, and the immediate surrounding area.
   Please Note: The Foundation will consider applications from faith-based organizations for non-sectarian, community outreach programs.

Grant Size: The maximum grant amount is $2,000.

Application Deadline: Please complete the online application and requested documentation by noon on August 15.

How To Apply:  Please read the Community Grant Program Guidelines before you begin an application.  Then click the link below to begin the online application.  Please do not include any additional information than what is outlined in the grant guidelines.  Applicants will be contacted if more information is needed.

Technical Assistance: If you need assistance, please contact the Community Foundation via email or phone (866) 750-9338.

If funded, the organization agrees to submit a final report to BLCF detailing expenditures actually made with the grant funds within the amount of time specified in the grant award letter. 

Applications must be received no later than the stated deadline.  Applications that are incomplete or not received by the deadline date cannot be considered.  Applicants will receive a letter of notification of the Board’s decision.  If you have any questions about the BLCF Community Grant Program, please call the Foundation's office at (866) 750-9338.

Final Report Information

BLCF Final Report Form

Completed Final Reports are to be mailed to:
The Barnesville-Lamar Community Foundation
c/o the Community Foundation of Central Georgia
577 Mulberry Street, Suite 1600
Macon, Georgia 31201

Or emailed to: