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The Clifton-Whitehead Scholarship Fund

Application & Renewal Deadline: March 15th at 12:00pm (noon) 



The Clifton Trust was established under the will of Edward S. Whitehead, Jr. in memory of his aunt and uncle, Truman W. Clifton and Matthylde Wilson Clifton. Mr. Whitehead was a frugal man and after inheriting money from his aunt and uncle, he decided to honor their memory by establishing the Trust.  Mr. Whitehead was born August 2, 1929, to Edward Whitehead, Sr., a WWI hero, and Sarah Wilson Whitehead.  After living through the great depression, he graduated from Lanier High School and attended college for a short time.  Crowned Little Mr. Macon in the 1930’s, Mr. Whitehead held several jobs throughout his lifetime, including being a disc jockey, a parking lot attendant and worked the elevator at the old Grand Theater.  Stricken with cerebral palsy, Mr. Whitehead loved sports and old movies and was often seen around downtown Macon sporting a cowboy hat.  Mr. Whitehead had a passion for education and helping others.


The purpose of the Trust was to establish a scholarship program for the benefit of worthy students in Middle Georgia, principally Bibb County, Georgia, who needed financial aid to assist them in obtaining a college education.  The Trust assets and later transferred to a fund at the Community Foundation of Central Georgia.


  • Applicants must be graduates of an accredited high school, work or be a resident of Bibb, Houston, Crawford, Twiggs, Jones, Peach, or Monroe Counties. A preference will be given to those students in Bibb County.
  • Award winners must be enrolled as full time students and maintain a minimum 2.0 average.
  • Award winners must be completing their undergraduate degrees. The scholarship is not for those receiving a masters degree or a PhD.
  • Each award winner is required to submit a grade report for the period for which the scholarship is awarded. The report will be considered if the recipient applies for the scholarship again in the future.
  • If an award winner receives a “D” in any class the student will be placed on probation for one semester. A second “D” in the same grading period, or an “F” at any time, terminates the scholarship.

Application Requirements

Eligible applicants must complete the online scholarship application.  On the last page, the applicant will select the Clifton-Whitehead Scholarship Fund and complete the following additional information:

  • A short essay response listing all honors and awards you have received in high school and college, a description of your career goals, and any special personal or family circumstances affecting your need for financial assistance.
  • A resume listing your school and community activities, athletics, awards, offices held and other relevant experiences. 
  • Your most recent high school or college transcript - you must request this from your current school. 
  • Provide one reference who will provide a recommendation. This should come from your academic dean, advisor, counselor or teacher.
  • Family Financial Information - the applicant must submit the following:
    • A current, submitted FAFSA Student Aid Report that indicates the value of your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) in the upper right hand corner. If this value is not shown, your application will be considered incomplete.


  • Scholarship Range: $1,000 + annually
  • Number of Awards: 12 per year
  • Renewals: To be eligible to receive funding for additional year(s), the student must submit a Request for Renewal Application, along with an updated college transcript. Renewals are not automatic or guaranteed.