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Benefits of Giving through the Community Foundation


It is easy to give through the Community Foundation. Unlike establishing and maintaining a private foundation, a fund at the Community Foundation does not have the same IRS compliance and administrative requirements. Many donors have found working with the Community Foundation is the easiest and most convenient way to manage their charitable giving.


The Community Foundation is unique in its ability to offer highly individualized giving programs for any donor (individuals, families, businesses, civic clubs, etc.) You create a charitable fund that will achieve your goals, and you give the type of asset that provides you with the best tax benefits.  The personalized service at CFCG is tailored to each individual or family’s charitable interest and financial capability.


It is simple to create a fund with the Community Foundation, and continuing a working relationship remains easy after the fund is established. All administrative tasks are handled by the Foundation staff, including management of complex contributions, records of transactions, disbursement of checks, and researching issues and organizations of interest to you.  All fund holders receive semi-annual fund statements in the mail.  In addition, fund holders can log on to the secure section of our website at any time to view their fund balance and review contributions and grants from their fund.


Donors make grant recommendations to the program, organization, or interest of your choice.  The professional staff has expertise in and an understanding of this community’s issues and needs.

Tax Benefits

The Community Foundation qualifies as a public charity under the Internal Revenue Code, thereby offering donors the maximum charitable tax deduction allowed. A wide variety of assets may be used to establish your fund—including appreciated stock, real estate, retirement plan assets, and cash.

Recognition or Anonymity

When a grant is given from your charitable fund, you may choose to receive public recognition or remain completely anonymous.

Stewardship and Accountability

The Community Foundation is in compliance with the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations as is a member of the Council of Foundations.  Our funds benefit from high quality and diversified investment management.


A gift to the Community Foundation can benefit the community in perpetuity. Donors can be confident that these gifts will always be available to meet the changing needs of their community. For those who wish, grants will be made in their name as a lasting symbol of their care and concern.  A permanent record of your charitable interests, philanthropic endeavors, community legacy and giving philosophy is maintained.


Most people have a desire to help others and to fulfill a charitable vision in their own hearts. The Community Foundation is deeply rooted in the Central Georgia community and seeks to implement and perpetuate these visions and to facilitate the humanitarian efforts of each donor.