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Neighborhood Grant Guidelines

This grant program is undergoing changes and is not accepting applications at this time. Please contact the Community Foundation if you have any questions about this grant program. 


List of Previous Grant Recipients


The Community Foundation of Central Georgia’s goal is to create a region in which philanthropy thrives, neighborhoods are strong, and citizens work toward common goals. Through the Neighborhood Grant Program, CFCG will consider applications that support grassroots neighborhood initiatives through existing organizations in our geographic footprint.

Eligible Neighborhoods
For the December 2015 application deadline of the Neighborhood Grant Program CFCG will consider applications from grassroots organizations working in Baldwin, Macon-Bibb, Houston and Pulaski Counties.
We anticipate expanding the program over the next five years to cover neighborhoods in Bleckley, Butts, Coffee, Crawford, Dodge, Jasper, Jones, Lamar, Laurens, Monroe, Peach, Putnam, Spalding, Taylor, Twiggs, Upson, and Wilkinson counties as well.  

Project Expectations

Funding Priorities
Special focus and attention in the December 2015 deadline will be given to projects that make neighborhoods more vibrant. Specifically, CFCG is looking for ideas that address the following: 

  • Neighborhood pride (for example, projects that make the public spaces look better and more welcoming, parks, greenspaces, blight reduction, branding and place identification projects)
  • Neighborhood connection (for example, projects that bring neighbors together to get to know each other)

CFCG will also consider applications that improve:

  • Arts (for example, public art, student-led art projects, music events)
  • Health (for example, nutrition programs, seminars about the medical resources in the community)
  • Leadership development for residents (for example, leadership training workshops in neighborhood and volunteer management training)

For more information about each of these categories please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

- Programs requiring ongoing support will not be funded without a plan for how to fund these costs in the future.  
- The Foundation will consider applications from two or more faith-based organizations working together for non-sectarian, community outreach programs. Applications from one faith-based organization acting alone, or for projects with a religious focus, will not be considered.  
- The Foundation will not consider applications from individuals. Preference will be given to an existing group or organization working in the neighborhood.
- Grant funds cannot be used to pay volunteers for their work on a project.  

Timeframe of Grants
The Neighborhood Grant Program will fund grants that will either be completed in six or 12 month time periods. Applicants should develop a realistic timeframe for the project based on your availability and time commitment to the project. This timeframe will define the reporting schedule if you are selected to receive a grant.

Total Grant Funds Available - $50,000
Grant applicants should ask for the monetary support needed to complete the project. CFCG envisions awarding up to a total of $50,000 in grants in the December 2015 cycle. Preference will be given to grant applicants who ask for a smaller amount of money while reaching a broader segment of the neighborhood.

If you are selected to receive a grant from the Neighborhood Grant Program, you will be provided with a coach to assist you in your project. Your coach will work with you during the grant period to help you achieve goals set by you, and complete the project in the time period requested. Your coach will act as a link between the Community Foundation and you as the grant recipient. The coach will assist you in completing required reports; however, it is your responsibility to complete all reports and ensure the reports are turned in on time.

Your coach is a resource for you and can help with:

  • Organizing meetings and volunteers
  • Group decision-making
  • Leadership development
  • Resource identification

To learn more about coaches, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Reporting Requirements
This grant requires completion of a midterm report with a financial summary and a final project report including a financial report describing how you spent the money.  Your grant coach will assist you in preparing all reports, but the responsibility of preparing reports and submitting them in a timely manner rests with the grant recipient.

Midterm reports are due either three or six months into the project, depending on whether you are completing a six or 12 month project.

Final reports are due 60 days after whichever comes first: (1) all grant funds are spent or (2) your anticipated completion date (six or 12 months into the project).  To be eligible for future grants, the Community Foundation must have completed final reports on file for all previously awarded grants before submitting a new grant application. 

Process for Neighborhood Grant Program

  • Grant applications will be accepted electronically via the online application until the deadline (12 pm noon June 30th or December 31st).
  • CFCG Neighborhood Committee and staff will schedule a site visit during the month following the deadline (July or January). At least two residents engaged in the project must be available to meet with the Committee.
  • CFCG will hold a public meeting in each of the neighborhoods from which applications are received. Residents and stakeholders will be invited to give their input on prioritizing the projects submitted from their neighborhood. This input will be used by future committees to determine the grant recipients. There is no guarantee of funding at this event.
  • The Board of Directors of the Community Foundation will select grants, and recipients will be notified in late September for the June deadline and in late March for the December deadline. The decision of the Board of Directors is final.
  • CFCG staff will coordinate an orientation session for recipients in October or April in which you will meet your grant coach. At this meeting, you will decide your plan of action with your coach and will outline your responsibilities to each other.
  • You will meet at least once per month with your coach for the term of your grant.
  • Final reports are required. Your final report due date will be identified in your award notification letter. (See Reporting Requirements)
  • Peer Learning Event: Every year CFCG will host a meeting of all grant recipients in a single cycle to learn and share experiences from the grant process. This meeting will help shape the future development of the program.

Funding Cycles
Under the Neighborhood Grant Program, CFCG will consider only one proposal from any one organization or group during a 12 month period.  In addition, any organization with two years of consecutive funding from the Neighborhood Grant Program will be required to wait two years before submitting an additional application.  For example, if an organization is funded in the June 2015 and June 2016 cycles, that organization will be eligible to apply again for the June 2018 cycle.  Any organization that has received prior funding from the Community Foundation must have a final report on file at CFCG prior to the submission of a new grant application.

Notification of Grants
Applicants will be notified of the Board’s decision in late September for the June deadline and in late March for the December deadline.

Technical Assistance
If you need assistance, please contact the Community Foundation via email or phone (478) 750-9338 ext. 104.


You need a User ID and Password for CFCG's grant application website to access the online application.  Click here to register.  Then, complete the online CFCG Neighborhood Grant application form, which will require attaching the following documents as PDF files.  You may click on the attachments below to see a sample. If you are unable to attach the documents required, please contact the Community Foundation at (478) 750-9338 ext. 104.

  • Project Budget Summary – should include all revenue sources (requested, pending & received) and expenses for the specific project. Grant funds cannot be used to pay volunteers for their work on a project.  
  • Statement of Participation by Residents – should be a statement from two or more people who are not related stating they will participate in the project. Please include the name of the project, the residents’ names, addresses, and phone numbers. Preference will be given to applications involving more than five unrelated residents. Individuals who are related to Community Foundation Board members or staff are not eligible to apply. If you have a relationship that might fall into this category, please check the FAQ page for the list of relationships that disqualify you from applying.

If you are applying as a Neighborhood Group you will need to include the following item:

  • Statement of Purpose – should be a statement explaining why your group was formed. Do you plan to continue working together after this project is complete or is this project the only thing you plan to do together?

If you are applying as a nonprofit or government entity you will need to include the following items from the nonprofit or government entity:

Late, hardcopy, or incomplete applications will not be considered for funding.  Please do not include any other forms or information other than what is required as outlined above.  Applicants will be contacted if more information is needed. 

Please contact the Foundation at or (478) 750-9338 ext. 104 if you have any questions.

The Community Foundation of Central Georgia believes that equal opportunity is important for the continuing success of our organization.  In accordance with state, federal, and municipal laws, this Foundation intends to comply with these laws which preclude discrimination because of race, disability, creed, religion, gender, age, national origin or any other protected classification.